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Online Reputation Management Services in India

Let's create your online reputation with strategic ORM services to generate trust and long-term customer connections.

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Peritum Digital- #1 Online Reputation Management Company in India

Peritum Digital - #1 ORM Service Agency in India! ORM is essential for individuals, businesses, and organizations, as the internet has become a significant source of information for consumers and stakeholders. A positive online reputation can attract more customers, increase trust, and contribute to overall success, while a negative reputation can have detrimental effects on sales, partnerships, and brand image. As a result, many entities enlist the services of professional ORM companies to help them effectively manage and improve their online reputation. In today's digital age, where information spreads rapidly and widely, maintaining a positive online reputation is crucial for success and credibility.

Controlling how customers see you and your company online is what online reputation management includes. The majority of individuals base their opinion of a company or product on its Google search results. They also look for customer comments on social media. ORM services in India encourage positive responses while suppressing negative or irrelevant responses in order to improve one's image.

Here are some key aspects and strategies involved in Online Reputation Management:

  • Monitoring: Monitoring involves actively keeping an eye on online mentions, reviews, comments, social media posts, and other content related to the entity in question. Various tools and software are used to track and analyze these mentions across the web.

  • Analysis: Thorough analysis of the gathered data is essential to understand the overall sentiment surrounding the entity. Identifying trends, recurring issues, and areas of improvement can help in devising an effective ORM strategy.

  • Responding to Feedback: Engaging with online users who leave reviews or feedback is crucial. Prompt and professional responses, both to positive and negative feedback, show that the entity values its customers and is willing to address their concerns.

  • Suppressing Negative Content: In cases where negative content or misinformation exists, ORM aims to suppress such content in search engine results, making it less visible to potential customers or clients. This can involve creating and promoting positive content that outranks the negative content in search results.

  • Building Positive Online Assets: Creating and optimizing positive online assets such as websites, blogs, social media profiles, and articles can help to dominate search engine results with favorable content, strengthening the entity's reputation.

  • Proactive Reputation Management: Rather than waiting for issues to arise, proactive ORM involves continuously building a positive online presence and actively addressing potential threats before they escalate.

  • Crisis Management: In case of any reputational crises, a well-prepared ORM strategy can help manage the situation effectively, mitigate damage, and rebuild trust.

  • Social Media Management: Maintaining a strong and consistent presence on social media platforms is vital for ORM. Engaging with followers, sharing valuable content, and responding to queries or complaints can contribute to a positive reputation.

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Why and How ORM is Crucial To Your Business?​

Peritum Digital - The best ORM Company in India, which is driven to excellence in brand loyalty reputation for search results.

Online Reputation Management is the process of managing the reputation of the brand online. Bad comments, Reviews, negative blogs, all these things literally affect your Brand Reputation. Bad reviews will show a bad impact on your brand. As a Leading ORM Service Providers in India, On behalf of you, we protect and safeguard your Brand Online Reputation.

Our Online Reputation Management Strategy

  • First Impression Matters

  • Trust & Credibility

  • Brand Perception and Loyalty


Online Reputation Management (ORM) Packages at Affordable Prices in India


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